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How wonderful it would be if we could see inside each other's minds. The formation of this fund and the awareness campaign it has led to is the result of some exceptionally creative ideas. No single person has thought up everything. It has been a co-ordinated effort involving a wide variety of people. For example, our 'keep it in your bag' card was conceived during a random conversation between Gill and her friend, Deby. Weymouth College student, Libys Mcguinness then drew up the initial design of the bag. Andy and James Bowen of our print partners worked with her idea along with help from David at Cosh Design to create the final artwork.

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It didn't end there. Along the way many others have been consulted about the text inside the card. From eminent consultants and doctors to representatives of other charities, all have been consulted to ensure accurate and relevant detail. We like this approach. Everything we do is as a team. We welcome your input too. Do you have an idea how we can continue to raise the awareness of ovarian cancer?

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