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T H E  V A L U E  O F  K N O W L E D G E

4 reasons why all women should know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

1. It's known as the Silent Killer

Ovarian cancer is often spoken of as the silent killer due to a perceived lack of symptoms in its early stages. For so many women their cancer is only diagnosed after it has spread to areas other than the original site. This makes successful treatment much more difficult to achieve. However, the silence of this disease is very much a misnomer.

2. But, there are symptoms

Abdominal swelling, persistent bloating, abnormal bleeding, an increased urgency to urinate, abdominal pain, back pain, feeling full, lack of appetite or difficulty eating. All these symptoms, whether experienced together or in isolation, are warning signs that should not be ignored.

3. Often missed and mis-diagnosed.

There isn't a lack of symptoms, but there is a lack of awareness of them. Women often notice the changes in their bodies, but might attribute them to other things or ignore them as just a part of ageing. Even when they do visit their GP, the vagueness of their symptoms all too frequently leads to mis-diagnosis of other less serious conditions.

4. Early diagnosis is the key.

The statistics for ovarian cancer speak for themselves. If diagnosed early, around 90% of patients will still be alive five years later. If diagnosed in later stages, that statistic is virtually reversed. It is clear then that earlier diagnosis is key to improved outcomes. The Gill Harler fund is dedicated to achieving this.

The lack of awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is a major problem. Widespread misunderstanding is risking lives. Recent research underscores why the work of the Gill Harler Fund is so important to improving the outcomes for women with ovarian cancer... Read more about the recent shocking research .